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QUETTA: In a decisive move by the Balochistan Transport Department, a green bus driver in the provincial capital faced suspension following a viral video depicting reckless driving. The footage, which circulated widely on social media on Wednesday morning, captured the driver’s careless maneuvers, raising concerns about passenger safety.

Chief Minister Ali Mardan Domki took swift notice of the incident and, in response, ordered a thorough inquiry into the matter. Concerned about the potential risks posed by such behavior, the Chief Minister directed the Transport Department to suspend the driver promptly.

Video Drew Public Attention

The video’s circulation drew public attention, emphasizing the importance of accountability in ensuring road safety. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers associated with irresponsible driving practices. The government’s decisive action reflects a commitment to maintaining the highest standards of safety within the transportation sector.

Social Media Holds Individuals Accountable

The Chief Minister’s intervention underscores the significance of leveraging social media to hold individuals accountable for their actions. By addressing the issue promptly, the government aims to send a clear message about the zero-tolerance policy towards reckless driving, prioritizing the safety and well-being of passengers in Balochistan.

Green Bus Service is considered to be one of the success stories of the Balochistan Public-Private Partnership Project. Eighth buses carry more than 10,000 passengers in the provincial capital. “Zero tolerance against such reckless driving”, Dr. Faisal Ahmed Khan, the Chief of BPPP said.

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