Balochistan Caretaker Information Minister, Jan Achakzai addressing a press conference : Photo Daily Quetta Voice

Manan Mandokhail:

QUETTA: In a press conference held at the Quetta Press Club on Monday, Caretaker Provincial Information Minister Jan Achakzai expressed concerns over the rising insecurity in Pakistan, linking it to the hospitality extended to Afghan refugees. The Afghan transit trade in Chaman was reported as partially suspended on the same day.

Achakzai emphasized Pakistan’s opposition to all forms of sabotage and highlighted the repeated demands made to Afghan authorities for the extradition of individuals wanted in connection with sabotage incidents. However, he lamented a lack of cooperation from the Afghan side, stating that instead of collaborating, they seemed to be mere spectators.

Pakistan Faced Weapons And Violence

According to Achakzai, Pakistan has faced weapons and violence as a result of providing refuge to Afghan refugees, and he stressed that the country will not tolerate such actions. He asserted that if sabotage incidents persist, the authorities will take decisive action, even entering the houses of saboteurs if necessary.

The minister claimed that the Pakistani people stand united with the Chief of Army Staff and accused the Afghan Taliban of offering full support to those involved in acts of sabotage within Pakistan. He disclosed that six Afghans were found to be involved in a specific incident in Zhob, and despite flag meetings with Afghan authorities, they were perceived as playing a double game.

Afghan Transit Trade Partially Suspended

Achakzai further announced the partial suspension of the Afghan transit trade fair in Chaman and warned against allowing protests to escalate into lawlessness. He clarified that the caretaker government’s focus is on making decisions in the best interest of the country and emphasized the responsibility to cooperate with the Election Commission.

Responding to a question, Achakzai mentioned that a significant number of immigrants, totaling 120,000, have been deported from Pakistan. The minister underscored the need for a comprehensive approach to address the security challenges posed by the ongoing situation.

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