Syed Kaleem Shah: 

QUETTA: In a significant legal development, Additional Sessions Judge Sariab-1, Mr. Aurangzeb Ghamman, has pronounced a life sentence and imposed a fine of 5 lakh rupees on Abdul Samad for the murder of Abdul Qayyum, also known as Muhammad Naeem.

The incident occurred during a heated altercation within the jurisdiction of Shaheed Manzoor Tareen police station, resulting in the tragic death of Abdul Qayyum and injuries to his son, Muhammad Usman.

Verdict Delivered After Completion Of Arguments

The verdict was delivered after the completion of arguments from both sides during the last court hearing. Following the conclusion of the proceedings, Judge Sariab reserved the decision, which has now been unveiled, sealing the fate of the accused.

Abdul Samad, found guilty of stabbing Abdul Qayyum with a sharp instrument, will face life behind bars, coupled with a substantial fine. The accused has been ordered to pay 5 lakh rupees, and in the event of non-compliance, an additional 6 months of imprisonment will be enforced.

Prosecutor Behram Lashari Represented Govt

Prosecutor Bahram Lashari, representing the government, skillfully presented the case, leading to the successful conviction of the accused. The sentencing marks a pivotal moment in the pursuit of justice for the victim’s family and serves as a stern warning against acts of violence within the community.

The accused, Abdul Samad, has been promptly sent to jail following the sentencing. This verdict not only brings closure to a tragic chapter but also sends a clear message about the legal consequences of such actions in society.

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