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Hussain Zarkoon: 

DUKKI: In the heart of the wind-blowing town of Dukki, the tragedy struck the tight-knit mining community. Rahimullah, a diligent miner and the son of Karimullah met an untimely demise due to suffocation in the depths of the local coal mine.

This is not the first time, a coal miner lost his life such kinds of untoward incidents are the order of the day in the dust-blowing town of Balochistan province.

Wednesday Dawned Like Any Other Day

Wednesday dawned like any other day, with miners descending into the earth’s belly, their faces etched with determination. Little did Rahimullah’s family know that this routine venture would turn into a heart-wrenching ordeal. As the coal mine’s embrace tightened, an unforeseen calamity unfolded, robbing Rahimullah of breath and life.

Miners Community In Distress

Swift action ensued as fellow miners rushed to rescue their comrade, pulling him from the subterranean darkness. Urgently, Rahimullah was transported to the local hospital, where the gravity of the situation unfolded. Despite the medical team’s valiant efforts, the grip of suffocation had proven too severe, leaving an irreplaceable void in the community.

As the news reverberated through Dukki, grief draped the town like a heavy shroud. Rahimullah’s legacy, rooted in the toil of the mines, became a poignant reminder of the risks borne by those who extract the earth’s treasures. The mining town mourned, weaving tales of resilience and loss, etching Rahimullah’s name into the collective memory of a community forever changed by the somber events in the coal mines of the area.

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