This dead blue whale was spotted in Pasni Gwadar: An image grabbed from a video provided by the author

Mir Salam Jogezai: 

QUETTA: In a heartbreaking discovery, a majestic 27-feet-long blue whale was found lifeless on Churbandan beach, entangled in pieces of fishing net. The incident sheds light on the alarming frequency of rare marine species deaths in the Sea of Gwadar, where illegal fishing trawlers, plastic nets, and ships pose a grave threat to the rich marine biodiversity.

Increasing Incidents Of Marine Life Casualties

Marine biologist Abdul Rahim Baloch, an expert in the field, expressed concern over the increasing incidents of marine life casualties due to the collision of illegal fishing trawlers with plastic nets and ships. The blue whale, considered the largest species of whale globally, succumbed to the impacts of human activities in the area.

Bule Whales Are A Rare Species Worldwide: Experts

Abdul Rahim Baloch emphasized the rarity of the blue whale, making this incident even more significant in the global context. “Blue whales are a rare species worldwide, and the Sea of Gwadar is home to various marine species, including these majestic giants,” he stated.

7 to 8 Tons Weight

Baloch estimated the weight of the deceased blue whale to be between seven to eight tons, underscoring the immense size and significance of the marine mammal.

This unfortunate event underscores the urgent need for stronger measures to combat illegal fishing practices and protect the vulnerable marine ecosystem in the region. Conservation efforts must be intensified, and authorities should take decisive action against those engaging in destructive activities that jeopardize the existence of rare marine species.

The global community is urged to take notice of this tragic incident, emphasizing the importance of sustainable practices and responsible fishing to ensure the survival of these magnificent creatures in the Sea of Gwadar. The untimely death of this rare blue whale serves as a somber reminder of the critical role humans play in preserving and safeguarding the delicate balance of our oceans.

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