File Photo: Smugglers were trying to smuggle hashish through these camels: Photo provided by the author

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GWADAR: In a significant operation, the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) in Balochistan’s Gwadar district made a substantial drug bust, recovering approximately 1800 kilograms of narcotics stashed within mountain tunnels. The ANF spokesperson reported that a total of 1788 kilograms of illicit substances were seized during the operation aimed at curbing drug smuggling activities. The confiscated narcotics include 1740 kilograms of hashish, along with 28 kilograms of morphine and 20 kilograms of other drugs.

Operation Reveals A Range Of Hiding Spots

According to the ANF spokesperson, the recovered drugs were linked to Afghanistan, where they are believed to have been manufactured. The operation revealed a range of hiding spots, including makeshift shacks constructed from wood and leaves, as well as hidden tunnels in the hills.

Following the successful operation, the ANF took a decisive step by setting fire to the storage areas where the drugs were found. These narcotics were allegedly intended for smuggling abroad, prompting the ANF to register cases against the accused under the Anti-Narcotics Act and launch a thorough investigation into the matter. This operation represents a significant blow to drug trafficking in the region.

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