The recent exodus of Congo virus patients from Quetta to Karachi has unveiled the alarming state of government-run hospitals in Balochistan. The tragic loss of Dr. Shakarullah Baloch, who succumbed to the deadly virus en route to Karachi, serves as a poignant reminder of the dire situation.

11 Doctors Tested Positive For Congo Virus

Most of the nearly dozen patients, including 11 doctors, have sought refuge in private hospitals in Karachi in their desperate fight for survival. This raises a crucial and deeply troubling question: when healthcare professionals themselves lack confidence and trust in Balochistan’s healthcare system, how can we expect the general public to place their faith in it?

Investigation Into Outbreak of Congo Virus Is Imperative

First and foremost, a comprehensive investigation into the outbreak of the Congo virus within the Civil Hospital’s trauma center is imperative. It is vital to understand how and why approximately two dozen healthcare professionals fell victim to this deadly virus. We must examine whether standard operating procedures for treating Congo virus patients were followed and determine whether the government has initiated an inquiry to address this critical matter.

Furthermore, the destination for Congo virus patients was intended to be the Fatima Jinnah Chest and TB Hospital, yet the patient was inexplicably admitted to the trauma center of the Civil Hospital. These discrepancies warrant a thorough review.

Time Has Come For Complete Overhaul of Health Care System

It is disheartening that despite a substantial investment of over Rs. 50 billion in Balochistan’s healthcare sector and a significant number of medical professionals, patients continue to be referred to Karachi for medical treatment. This trend underscores a lack of trust in the healthcare system within the province, and corrective measures are urgently required.

The time has come for a comprehensive evaluation and overhaul of Balochistan’s healthcare system to regain the trust of both healthcare professionals and the general public. Only by addressing these critical flaws can we hope to build a robust and dependable healthcare system that serves the needs of the people.

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