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QUETTA:  In a concerning development, the number of confirmed Congo virus cases among healthcare professionals in Quetta, Balochistan, is on the rise. Health department spokesperson, Dr. Waseem Baig, reported that two more doctors at the Civil Hospital Quetta have tested positive for the Congo virus, bringing the total number of affected doctors to 11. Additionally, a nurse, a paramedic, and a pharmacist have also succumbed to this deadly virus.

Virus Originated From A Patient From Harnai District

According to Dr. Waseem Baig, preliminary evidence suggests that the virus originated from a patient from Harnai who was admitted to the Civil Hospital.

This alarming situation has prompted the authorities to take immediate action. A meeting, chaired by caretaker Chief Minister Balochistan Ali Mardan Domki, was convened to address the Congo virus outbreak. In this meeting, health officials discussed the gravity of the situation and outlined measures to contain the virus’s further spread.

Heightened Vigilance In Hospitals

The surge in Congo virus cases among healthcare workers underscores the pressing need for stringent safety measures and heightened vigilance in hospitals and medical facilities across the region.

Local authorities are working tirelessly to investigate the source of the virus, trace its transmission, and implement robust preventive measures to protect healthcare professionals and the public. Public awareness campaigns are being launched to educate residents about the virus and ways to minimize their risk of exposure.

Increasing Number Of Cases A Stark Reminder About The Importance of Public Health

The increasing number of cases serves as a stark reminder of the importance of public health and safety, and it highlights the need for immediate intervention to control this outbreak. As the situation evolves, healthcare professionals, government authorities, and the public must remain vigilant and united in their efforts to combat the Congo virus and protect the health of the community.

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