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QUETTA: In a developing crisis, the number of Congo-infected patients in Quetta has surged to 16, as confirmed by a spokesperson for the Young Doctors Association. Dr. Arif on Sunday evening. A dedicated healthcare professional, Dr. Shakarullah Khan Baloch succumbed to the virus on Sunday morning.

The YDA activists were addressing a press conference at the Quetta Press Club on Sunday.

Ambulance Waited for Hours On Way To Karachi: YDA

However, the situation took a distressing turn when a convoy of 5 ambulances en route to Karachi from Quetta was unexpectedly halted at Winder Coast Guard for three long hours, according to the Young Doctors’ spokesperson.

Amid these challenges, Dr. Arif expressed deep concerns over the government’s lack of cooperation in providing essential health facilities, aggravating the healthcare crisis in the region.

Secretary Health Appreciates Doctors

Balochistan’s Secretary of Health, Abdullah Khan has lauded the successful efforts to prevent the spread of the Congo virus in the province, attributing this success to the dedicated work of various stakeholders, including the MSs of Treasury Care Hospitals, the Integrated Emergency Response Team, WHO, and the Department of Health.

Recognizing the unique and challenging conditions on the ground in Balochistan, the proactive measures have proven to be effective in keeping the Congo virus at bay. Thanks to the timely and coordinated response, the province has managed to control the spread of the virus, ensuring the safety and well-being of its residents.

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  1. It’s heart breaking to learn that the ambulances of dying doctors were stopped and reportedly delayed for three hours. Such inhumane treatment can come only from mentally sick mindset against their fellow countrymen

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