Afghan children prior to their repatriation for Afghanistan in Quetta: Photo Daily Quetta Voice

Manan Mandokhail: 

QUETTA: With only one day left before the Pakistani government’s repatriation deadline for foreign refugees, a significant number of Afghan refugees are returning to Afghanistan, departing from Quetta through Chaman, including Quetta. Many of these refugees were born in Pakistan and have established deep connections with their communities, business friends, and acquaintances. They have made the difficult decision to sell their assets and belongings at reduced prices after the Pakistani government announced the one-month evacuation period.

“Really, Broken, I Am”, Abdullah Pirzada Says

Abdullah Pirzada, one of the returning refugees, shared his struggles as he prepared to leave. He stated, “My problems intensified when the government declared the need to repatriate foreign refugees within a month. Today, we auctioned all our possessions, from Karachi to Quetta, at the UNHCR center for Afghan refugees in Balili.” After registering their properties, they are heading to Afghanistan. Along the way, Abdullah Pirzada expressed his gratitude to Pakistan.

“We Cannot Forget the Hospitality of Pakistan”, Syed Muhammad

As the Pakistani government’s repatriation deadline approaches, Syed Mohammad, another Afghan migrant in the UNHCR camp, revealed the hardships they are facing. He shared, “We have sold our personal homes and businesses at a significant loss over the past month to avoid imprisonment and arrest.

” Syed Mohammad’s personal connection with Pakistan dates back to his childhood, as he arrived in the country at the age of 5. Now, at 50 years old, he is returning to Afghanistan after 45 years of residing in Pakistan. As he heads to Kunduz province, he faces the challenges of finding a new place to call home and adjusting to the colder climate.

The deadline for all illegal immigrants is scheduled to expire on November 1st.

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