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Syed Ali Shah: 

QUETTA: Jameel Soomro, central to the appointment of bogus lecturers scandal within the Balochistan colleges’ department, has been formally charged with fraudulent lecturers’s appointments. His name has also been added to the Exit Control List (ECL).

In addition, the appointment orders for Jameel Soomro in the college department have been exposed as fraudulent. A fake notification of 15 candidates was issued by the colleges and higher education departments with a fake recommendation letter from the Balochistan Public Service Commission (BPSC).

Fake BPSC Notification Issued On March 1, 2022

Director of the Anti-Corruption Department, Abdul Wahid Kakar, disclosed that on March 11, 2022, fake orders were issued for the appointment of 15 female lecturers, relying on a fake notification from the Balochistan Public Service Commission (BPSC).

These women illegally drew salaries for a full year. Following the registration of a case against four employees from the Department of Colleges, the masterminds behind this scam were identified. The director of the Anti-Corruption Department mentioned that Jamil Soomro and his spouse, are the key figures responsible for the bogus lecturer appointments.

Soomro’s Name Placed on ECL

Authorities are actively pursuing their arrest, Mr. Kakar informed. In light of the court’s declaration of Jameel Soomro as an advertising accused, his name was promptly placed on the ECL. Furthermore, investigations by the Department of Colleges have confirmed that Jameel Soomro’s appointment orders in the colleges’ department were also found fake.

Notably, one of the women appointed in the colleges’ department through the fake notification happens to be the wife of the accused Jameel Soomro. A well-placed source within the Anti-Corruption Department revealed that an inquiry was already underway against Mr. Soomro for his own fake appointment from Junior English teacher to Lecturer.

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