Chaman Border Crisis: Political Solutions Sought Amid Security Tensions

Sardar Muhammad Khondai:

CHAMAN: Protest erupted in Pakistan’s bordering city Chaman against the via-policy at the Pak-Afghan border on Thursday. Scores of people took to the streets and roads of the bordering city to mount pressure on the government to change the passport policy at the border.

Almost all political parties, traders community, daily wages workers and people belonging to various walks of life participated in the protest. They were also chanting slogans against the provincial and federal governments for introducing the passport policy at the border.

Political Leaders Criticize The Govt

In their stormy speeches at the protest meeting, the political leaders and traders leaders lashed out at the government for introducing the visa and passport policy at the Pak-Afghan border Chaman. They said the policy has left thousands of people jobless in the area and this was an obstacle in the way of smooth business activities on the border.

Govt Declared Passport Necessary For Movement

This protest came after the federal government declared visas and passports necessary to ensure legal movement at the border. Security was tightened at the border on the eve of the protest demonstration on Thursday.

Senior government officials and the protesters also held a series of negotiations to find solutions of the border issues including the passport issue.



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