Balochistan Caretaker Home Minister, Zubair Jamali addressing a press conference: Photo provided by the author

Manan Mandokhail:

QUETTA: In a significant development, Pakistan has officially declared a policy to deport foreign residents, which is set to commence on November 1. Contrary to social media rumors, the government has clarified that Afghan refugees are not being specifically targeted, emphasizing the strong bonds of brotherhood between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Caretaker Provincial Interior Minister, Zubair Jamali, shared these insights during a press conference at the Quetta Press Club.

Deportation of All Illegal Immigrants

Minister Jamali asserted that the deportation policy is aimed at all illegal foreign citizens residing in Pakistan. The government is taking a proactive approach to collect data on such individuals through the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA). Notably, this data collection process involves cooperation with serving military officers.

During the press conference, Captain (R) Zubair Jamali, the Home Minister of Balochistan, highlighted the shared responsibility between the government and the people. He called upon citizens to support government institutions in facilitating the guidance and deportation of foreign residents living within their communities.

No Specific Community Targeted

This announcement underscores Pakistan’s commitment to upholding its immigration laws and maintaining security while ensuring that no specific community is unfairly targeted in the process. The government aims to create a more organized and lawful environment for all residents in the country.


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