File Photo: Levies personnel shifting an aged man to a safe place in Balochistan after floods: Photo provided by Levies Force

Manan Mandokhail: 

QUETTA: Balochistan, one of the provinces most severely impacted by the catastrophic 2022 floods, took center stage during the discussions. The caretaker Chief Minister of Balochistan presented a stark picture, revealing that the province suffered losses exceeding seven hundred billion rupees. After the flood disaster, Balochistan was the hardest hit, with an alarming toll of devastation.

The statistics presented at the meeting were alarming:

  • Complete destruction of 321,019 houses

  • Partial damage to 96,166 houses

  • 43 bridges swept away

  • 2,280 kilometers of road network destroyed

  • 1,039 educational institutions were completely demolished, while 1,793 were partially affected

  • Widespread damage to irrigation structures leading to crop losses

Expressing his concerns, the caretaker Chief Minister of Balochistan pointed out that the allocated funds for the province from international rehabilitation aid were insufficient in comparison to the staggering losses. He emphasized the need for an increase in funding, requesting the federal government’s support with a 20% grant sharing from the Geneva funds. Moreover, he urged expedited implementation of the rehabilitation program, which was mutually agreed upon with the government of Balochistan to address the affected sectors.

An officer from Balochistan to be appointed as project director

In response to these appeals, representatives from international financial and aid agencies participated in the meeting, affirming their commitment to appoint one of the recommended officers from Balochistan as the project director. This appointment aims to ensure the swift execution of a million-dollar national project designed for the rehabilitation of flood-ravaged regions.

Federal Minister appreciates CM Domki

Federal Minister Sami Saeed conveyed his special appreciation to Mir Ali Mardan Khan Domki for his effective presentation of Balochistan’s plight in this national meeting of utmost importance. He reaffirmed the government’s unwavering determination to enhance and coordinate rehabilitation activities in the affected areas, assuring that Balochistan will not be left to bear the brunt of floods alone.

Collective efforts needed

This critical meeting underscores the urgency and the need for international aid agencies to extend further support to Balochistan to aid in its recovery from the devastating flood disaster. The future of this resilient province depends on the collective efforts and commitments made by all stakeholders to rebuild and revitalize the affected regions.

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