A view of the Quetta Railway Station after the arrival of Jaffar Express: Photo Daily Quetta Voice


The continued suspension of six trains for Balochistan has plunged countless passengers into a harrowing ordeal, a disconcerting disruption that underscores the fragile state of our transportation infrastructure. As commuters grapple with the unforeseen halt in their daily routines, it becomes increasingly evident that the ramifications extend far beyond mere inconvenience.

Six out of a total of seven passenger trains have been suspended for Balochistan by the Pakistan Railways without citing any reasons. The provincial government is yet to ask the federal government and the railway ministry to restore the suspended six trains for Balochistan, which covers half of the country in terms of area.

Only Jaffar Express operates for Balochistan

Instead of improving and increasing passenger trains, the government has suspended most of the trains. Only Jaffarabad Express operates that too in a miserable condition.

People prefer to travel by train since they are economical and safe as compared to passengers buses and planes. Passenger buses traveling on Quetta Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad highways always meet deadly road accidents that claim precious human lives.

The blockade of these highways by protesters is also the order of the day. Road blockades caused the suspension of traffic for hours and women, aged people and children remained the worst sufferers.

Except for a handful of elites, people cannot afford the skyrocketing fares of planes. To be precise, they are out of the reach of the common man.

Caretaker PM should direct railway ministry to restore suspended trains

The caretaker prime minister, Anwaar ul Haq Kakar belongs to Balochistan and is well aware of the suffering of its people.

Balochistan has now considerable representation in Islamabad, therefore, it is the best opportunity to restore the suspended passenger trains and address the grievances of the masses.

Balochistan also deserves fair treatment since its people have suffered a lot. The Prime Minister should direct the railway ministry to restore the suspended six trains on an emergency basis.

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