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In Balochistan, four doctors were tested positive for novel coronavirus the other day. The infected doctors belong to dental section of the health department and have been quarantined to contain the virus and provide them better health facilities, Dr. Yasir Achakzai, the President Young Doctors Association (YDA) Balochistan told Quetta Voice.

Out of a total of 141 coronavirus patients, 10 patients including 4 doctors had no travel history of Iran or another foreign country, this was revealed in daily situation report shared by the coronavirus cell of health department government of Balochistan on Sunday.

On suspicion, we have also quarantined few doctors, Dr. Achakzai said, giving no other details about their exact number.

When asked about doctors infected by COVID19, Spokesman government of Balochistan, Liaquat Shahwani also confirmed “yes” four doctors have been confirmed positive for the novel coronavirus.

The YDA has demanded of the Balochistan government to conduct screening and tests of all doctors at Sheikh Zayed Hospital where the coronavirus patients are kept. After one week, the doctors treating the coronavirus patients should be given leave of two weeks, Dr Yasir Achakzai demanded.

In Balochistan, so far 141 people have been tested positive for the coronavirus. As per the statistics, 95 per cent of the patients had travel history of Iran and were Zaireen (Shia pilgrims) from the rest of the country.

95% coronavirus patients in Balochistan had travel history of Iran

Chief Minister Balochistan, Jam Kamal Khan has appreciated the doctors battling the deadly virus at the cost of their lives.

The Pakistan Medical Association and other doctors bodies have demanded of the Balochistan government to provide protective equipment to nurses, paramedics and doctors treating the coronavirus patients in the province. However, Helping Hands an NGO comprising health professionals has announced to train and sensitize doctors about treating coronavirus patients.

Balochistan doctors to be trained, sensitized to treat coronavirus patients






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