Corona virus: death toll rises to 3000 globally

China's Wuhan province is the worst hit


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Monitoring Desk:

Worldwide Corona virus has claimed over 3000 and affected over 85000 people. The novel corona virus has spread in six continents excluding Antarctica. In pas 10 days, the virus has been reported and confirmed in 37 countries across the globe. Countries in Asia, Europe and Middle East have declared emergency to cope with the deadly virus claiming precious human lives.

China’s Wuhan province where the deadly virus was first reported has been the worst hit. Officials said the number of casualties in China is over 2700. In view of rumors, Chinese government has also tried to contain unpleasant news outbreak. The country is struggling to contain disinformation in the wake of increasing deaths caused by the deadly corona virus.

In Pakistan, the authorities have confirmed four corona virus cases in Sindh and the federal capital Islamabad. The officials said all the patients had history of travelling to neighboring Iran.

Pakistan has closed its borders with Iran and Afghanistan to halt the spread of corona virus. Pak-Iran border at Taftan has been closed for last one week. On Monday, Pakistan also shut down its border with Afghanistan at Chaman. All trade and business activities at the borders with neighboring countries have been suspended following closure of borders.

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