Long march against narcotics, participants reach Kalat, Balochistan

KALAT: Participants of long march against the menace of narcotics in Balochistan reached Kalat on Monday afternoon. Four youngsters from Balochistan’s Khuzdar city had  launched walk against the curse of drugs on February 6th this month.

Sajjad Ahmed Baloch is leading the participants of long march against the menace of drugs. “We just arrived in Kalat and people are encouraging us a lot”, Mr. Baloch said. He said gradually the number of long march’s participants was increasing as more youngsters were joining. https://www.quettavoice.com/2020/02/08/walk-from-khuzdar-to-quetta-against-curse-of-narcotics/

The menace of narcotics has destroyed the lives of thousands of youths in Balochistan like in other parts of the country. Heroin especially surfaced in the aftermath of erstwhile USSR’s invasion Afghanistan has destroyed the lives of young generation in Pakistan in general and Balochistan in particular.

The participants of the long march are on their way from Khuzdar to Quetta to create awareness among the people about the curse  of narcotics in the society. “We will address a press  conference in Quetta and meet the government regarding the increasing number of narcotics addicts in Balochistan”, Mr. Baloch stated.