A view Harnai Sibi railway track that is feared to be collapsed any time

Hanif Tareen:

HARNAI: Rains in Harnai have led to the suspension of the Harnai Sibi Railway and the closure of the Sanjavi Harnai and Quetta Harnai roads. Despite substantial expenditure during the previous regime, the lack of protective walls has left the Harnai Sibi railway track vulnerable, resulting in daily disruptions due to rains and floods.

The recent downpours caused a flood relay that rendered the Harnai Sanjavi road impassable, exacerbated by the absence of a crucial bridge. Similarly, the Quetta Harnai road is blocked at Zardalu due to bridge damage.

Residents are expressing frustration over the provincial government’s inaction, noting that their efforts are confined to statements in newspapers and social media posts. The people of Harnai are urgently calling for immediate measures to restore the Sabi Harnai Railway Track, Harnai Sanjavi Road, and Quetta Harnai Road, demanding swift action to prevent further disruptions and ensure safe transportation.

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