Sardarzada Faisal Jamali, the Balochistan health minister chairing an important meeting with WHO

Manan Mandokhail:

QUETTA: The Provincial Health Minister of Balochistan, Sardarzada Faisal Khan Jamali, expressed his profound gratitude towards the World Health Organization (WHO) for its unwavering support in improving health services across the province. In a recent meeting with WHO’s country director and senior officials, Minister Jamali highlighted the significant contributions of WHO in times of crisis, including natural disasters and health outbreaks.

“Organizations like WHO have been instrumental in supporting Balochistan during challenging times. Their assistance during floods, and disease outbreaks, and in providing essential health services has been invaluable,” Minister Jamali stated. He particularly acknowledged WHO’s efforts during recent health emergencies, emphasizing that the organization’s dedication and humanitarian approach are commendable.

The meeting, chaired by Minister Jamali, was attended by Dr. Depang Lou, WHO Country Chief Director; Dr. Michael Lukwiya, WHO Emergency Chief; Dr. Asfandiar Sherani, WHO Balochistan Team Leader; Dr. Jahanzaib, WHO Polio Head for Balochistan; Shaukat Baloch, Secretary of Health; and Bayberg Mangal, WHO Admin Officer, among others. The primary agenda was to review the ongoing health initiatives in Balochistan supported by WHO.

Minister Jamali expressed optimism about the future collaboration between the provincial health department and WHO, emphasizing the need for continued and expanded efforts in the underserved areas of Balochistan. “The commitment of WHO to working in Balochistan is admirable. We look forward to further collaboration, especially in the remote districts, to ensure that basic health facilities are accessible to everyone at their doorsteps,” he added.

The meeting concluded with a mutual agreement to strengthen efforts and expand health services in Balochistan, aiming to uplift the health standards and provide comprehensive healthcare to the people of the province. The health department, with the support of the Balochistan government and WHO, remains committed to delivering essential health services to the most remote and underserved communities in the region.

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