Manan Mandokhail:

QUETTA: The angry local residents have closed the popular recreational spots, Hana Lake and Hana Orak Quetta, to tourists. This decisive action was taken as a protest against the rising incidents of dangerous motorcycling by visitors, which have resulted in numerous injuries among local children. “We will not allow motorcyclists to play with their lives here”, Shah Zaman Kakar, one of the protesters said.

The protests saw residents burning their diaries and candles at the entry points of these entertainment areas, effectively blocking access. The protesters expressed their frustration and anguish over the reckless behavior of youths from Quetta city who engage in speeding and one-wheeling on motorcycles. This perilous activity has led to several accidents, causing severe injuries to local children.

“We cannot stand by as our children become disabled for the sake of others’ entertainment,” one protester identified as Muhammad Khan stated. The local community has raised this issue with the administration multiple times, but their concerns have been met with empty promises and false assurances.

The protestors emphasized that their drastic measures are a last resort after numerous attempts to resolve the situation through dialogue were ignored. They demand immediate and effective action to ensure the safety of their children and to prevent the recreational spots from becoming hotspots for hazardous activities.

As the protests continue, the future of Hana Lake and Hana Orak as accessible recreational areas remains uncertain. The local administration is under increasing pressure to address the safety concerns and restore order while balancing the interests of both locals and tourists.


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