File photo: Transporters blocked main Quetta-Karachi highway

Hanif Tareen, Staff Reporter: 

HARNAI, QUETTA: Tensions are high in Harnai as family members protested outside the local police station, demanding justice for the killing of a young man, Muhammad Imran. Imran was fatally shot while resisting a robbery, prompting his grieving relatives and community members to stage a demonstration with his body placed prominently in front of the police station. The protestors have vowed to continue their demonstration until the perpetrators are apprehended, highlighting the urgent need for improved security and swift action by law enforcement.

“We will not move until Muhammad Imran’s killers are brought to justice,” declared a spokesperson for the grieving family. The protest has drawn significant attention, with community leaders calling for immediate police intervention and better protective measures for citizens.

Meanwhile, in Quetta, the discovery of a dead body in the main city nullah has added to the province’s distress. The unidentified body was found under suspicious circumstances, raising concerns about safety and crime in the area. Authorities are investigating the incident, but the lack of immediate information has led to anxiety and speculation among residents.

These incidents underscore the pressing issue of crime in Balochistan, with citizens demanding more effective policing and justice for the victims. As the community rallies for justice in Harnai and awaits answers in Quetta, the need for enhanced security measures and rapid legal responses remains paramount.

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