File Photo: Voters standing in a long queues in district Jaffarabad during the local government elections

Yousaf Marri:

The Election Commission of Pakistan has announced that re-polling will take place in Balochistan Provincial Assembly Constituency PB-09 Kohlu on June 26, 2024. The decision follows the annulment of previous results at four polling stations due to irregularities.

The polling stations where the re-polling will occur are:

  1. Polling Station 71 Sham Nasa 1
  2. Polling Station 72 Government Public School Nasa
  3. Polling Station 73 Sham Nasa 2
  4. Polling Station 74 Sham Nasa 3

These stations are crucial to determining the final outcome of the PB-09 constituency seat, which has been highly contested. The re-polling comes after thorough investigations by the Election Commission revealed discrepancies that could have affected the fairness and accuracy of the voting process.

Local authorities have assured that enhanced security measures will be in place to ensure a smooth and transparent re-polling process. Additional polling staff and observers will be deployed to monitor the proceedings and address any potential issues promptly.

The candidates have expressed mixed reactions to the announcement. Some have welcomed the decision, emphasizing the importance of a fair electoral process, while others have voiced concerns over the potential for continued disruption in the region.

Residents of Kohlu are encouraged to participate in the re-polling to ensure their voices are heard. Polls will open at 8:00 AM and close at 5:00 PM. Voters are reminded to bring valid identification documents to facilitate a smooth voting experience.

This re-polling event underscores the commitment of the Election Commission to uphold the integrity of the electoral process in Pakistan. The results from these stations will be pivotal in determining the final representative for PB-09 Kohlu, thereby influencing the political landscape of Balochistan.

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