Security personnel reached Kozhak top and reopened the highway for traffic

Sardar Muhammad Khondai:

CHAMAN: Tensions have significantly increased in Chaman following an attack on Deputy Commissioner Raja Athar Abbas by members of the sit-in committee during negotiations. The incident followed the arrest of key leaders of the sit-in, leading to heightened unrest in the area. In response, a large number of people initiated a sit-in outside the Deputy Commissioner’s office.

The situation, already tense due to a recent attack on a polio team in Chaman, has worsened. As a precaution, the administration has suspended mobile and internet services for two days. The closure of markets, government offices, and other businesses in Chaman has disrupted daily life and economic activities.

According to Deputy Commissioner Raja Athar Abbas, members of the sit-in committee attacked him and vandalized his office. He was protected by his bodyguards. The arrested leaders include Sadiq Achakzai, Ghosullah, Bugai, Mustafa Agha Khan, Muladad, Baki Khan, and Inayat, who have been transferred to Quetta.

An FIR has been registered against ten members of the sit-in committee for attacking Levies personnel, with charges including anti-terrorism provisions. The complaint was lodged by SHO CTD at the CTD police station.

Despite security forces’ efforts to reopen the Chaman-Quetta highway, protesters have blocked it at various points. Chaman city is observing a complete shutter-down strike, with all markets, government offices, banks, and even the press club closed. This has prevented government employees from receiving their salaries.

Local administration officials have condemned the protesters’ actions, stating that challenging the state is unacceptable and that those who do so do not deserve any concessions.

On the other hand, the protesters have denied these allegations, accusing the government of using excessive force. The Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party has strongly condemned the government’s actions, calling it an abuse of power against peaceful protesters. They have warned that if their leaders are not released, they will intensify their protests.

This situation underscores the growing unrest in Chaman and the challenges faced by both the administration and the protesters. Efforts to mediate and find a peaceful resolution are crucial to restore normalcy and ensure the safety of all involved.

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