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Yesterday’s coal mine explosion in Sanjadi Quetta, Balochistan, has left our hearts heavy and our resolve unwavering. Eleven lives lost, families shattered, and a community in mourning—this is neither the first nor the last incident. It’s time to confront the grim reality: our government and mine owners bear responsibility for this tragedy.

1. Safety Negligence: A Reckless Gamble

The gas filling mishap that led to the explosion underscores the negligence prevailing in our mines. The lives of our miners are treated as expendable commodities, sacrificed at the altar of profit. The Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) and the mines department must be held accountable for failing to enforce safety protocols. We demand transparency in their investigations and immediate action to prevent further loss of life.

2. Broken Families, Broken Promises

Shahid Rind’s condolences are empty words unless backed by tangible support. Families left without breadwinners deserve more than sympathy—they need compensation, education, and emotional care. The government’s promises must translate into action. We call upon the authorities to establish a relief fund for affected families and ensure their well-being.

3. Urgent Reforms: A Matter of Life and Death

The collapse of mine sections trapped our workers, revealing the fragility of our mining infrastructure. Stricter safety protocols are non-negotiable. The Balochistan government must overhaul its approach, invest in modern equipment, and prioritize worker safety. Lives are not expendable; they are our most precious resource.

4. Beyond Condolences: A Collective Responsibility

As we grieve, let us channel our anger into collective action. Mine owners, government officials, and the entire community must unite to prevent such tragedies. We demand:
Independent Oversight: A committee comprising experts, labor representatives, and civil society members to monitor safety compliance.
Worker Empowerment: Unions and associations must be strengthened to advocate for miners’ rights.
Public Awareness: Educate communities about the risks and demand accountability.

This editorial is a call to arms. Let us honor the fallen by demanding change. The Sanjadi tragedy must mark the turning point—a wake-up call for safety, justice, and compassion.
Note: The views expressed in this editorial are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the newspaper’s official stance.

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