DG NAB Balochistan and DG Anti Corruption listening complaints about corruption cases

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QUETTA: The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Balochistan organized a Public Hearing Session at the NAB Complaint Cell located in the DC Office Quetta on Anscomb Road. This open court session is part of a broader initiative to ensure that citizens’ concerns are heard and addressed. The event provided a platform for the general public to voice their complaints directly to the Director General (DG) of NAB Balochistan.

A significant number of complainants attended the “Khuli Kachehri” (open court) to raise issues, particularly against the builders of the Ashiana Town Housing Scheme. Given the gravity of the complaints, the case has been referred to the Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE) Balochistan. The DG of ACE Balochistan was also present to promptly address the public’s grievances.

Senior officials from both NAB and ACE attended the session. The heads of both organizations listened to the complainants and issued immediate orders to the respective officers to address the public’s grievances. The majority of complaints revolved around scams in illegal housing societies, where sponsors had misappropriated the public’s hard-earned money for personal use. Additionally, some complaints were related to the misuse of authority within various departments of the Government of Balochistan.

This initiative of holding a Khuli Kachehri on the last Thursday of each month demonstrates NAB’s commitment to transparency and accountability. It aims to foster greater public trust and engagement, providing a direct interface for society to report concerns about corruption. NAB is dedicated to addressing corruption complaints promptly and effectively, ensuring justice for all.

The arrangement of the Khuli Kachehri underscores NAB’s resolve to combat corruption in all its forms. This effort also encourages the general public to continue reporting corruption matters to the National Accountability Bureau. Both DG NAB (Balochistan) and DG ACE have resolved to leave no stone unturned in addressing issues related to corruption and public cheating in Balochistan.

This proactive approach by NAB Balochistan is a testament to its dedication to ensuring a corruption-free environment, thereby enhancing public confidence in governmental institutions and their operations.

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