File photo: Fisheries department seized four illegal trawlers in Gwadar: Photo provided by fisheries department Balochistan

Behram Baloch:

GWADAR: A gripping tale of survival has emerged from the coastal waters off Gwadar, where 20 individuals were rescued after being stranded at sea for 20 days. The dramatic rescue, which has since gone viral, was carried out by local fishermen and coordinated by the district administration under the leadership of Deputy Commissioner Gwadar.

The group had embarked on an illegal journey to Muscat when their boat broke down, leaving them adrift in the Arabian Sea. For nearly three weeks, the passengers battled hunger and thirst in a desperate bid to stay alive. Tragically, three individuals succumbed to the harsh conditions before help arrived.

“These people got lost at sea due to their boat breaking down,” stated a representative from the district administration. “For 20 days, they were without food and water. Local fishermen played a crucial role in their rescue.”

Upon their rescue, it was found that five of the survivors were in particularly grave condition, suffering from severe dehydration and malnutrition. They were provided immediate medical assistance and are now reported to be out of danger.

The administration has taken all survivors into custody as they begin a thorough investigation into the incident. Potential charges under the Foreign Act are being considered, though no formal action has been taken yet. Authorities have assured that appropriate measures will be taken following the investigation.

This incident underscores the perilous risks associated with illegal maritime journeys and the critical need for coordinated rescue efforts in such emergencies. The community of Gwadar, alongside its administration, continues to offer support to the survivors as the investigation proceeds.

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