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QUETTA: In a significant effort to address the challenges and chart a path towards peace and stability in Balochistan, the Voice of Balochistan organized a seminar titled “A Journey Towards Peace and Stability in Balochistan” at the Balochistan University of Information Technology and Management Sciences (BUITEMS). The seminar brought together key political figures, former militant commanders, and students to engage in a comprehensive dialogue about the province’s future.

Candid Discussion On Pressing Issues

Governor Balochistan Sheikh Jaffar Khan Mandokhail, provincial ministers Zahoor Buledi, Rahila Durrani, and Mir Ziaullah Langove, along with former militant commanders Gulzar Shambay and Sarfaraz Bangulzai, addressed the seminar. The event was marked by a candid discussion on the pressing issues facing Balochistan, including governance, education, health, and security.

In his address, Governor Mandokhail stressed the urgent need for a negotiated solution to the issues plaguing Balochistan. He called for a constructive dialogue among all stakeholders to foster a peaceful and stable environment in the province. “We must prioritize dialogue and reconciliation to resolve our differences and move forward,” he stated, emphasizing the role of unity in overcoming challenges.

Buledi Spoke About Bad Governance

Provincial minister Zahoor Buledi highlighted the problem of bad governance, pointing out that inefficiencies and corruption have severely hampered development efforts in the region. He urged for comprehensive reforms to improve the administrative framework and ensure transparency in governance.

Minister Rahila Durrani focused on the declining education and health sectors, identifying them as critical areas that require immediate attention. “Our future lies in the hands of our youth, and we must invest in their education and well-being,” she said, calling for enhanced educational facilities and better healthcare services across Balochistan.

Home Minister Mir Ziaullah Langove spoke about the security situation, acknowledging the concerns raised by students about targeted killings and terrorism. He reiterated the government’s commitment to combating terrorism and ensuring the safety of citizens. Langove also mentioned the recent arrest of key militant commanders, showcasing the efforts of security forces in maintaining law and order.

Former Militant Commander Now Advocate For Peace

Former militant commanders Gulzar Shambay and Sarfaraz Bangulzai, now advocates for peace, shared their journeys and urged the youth to shun violence and engage in positive activities. They emphasized the importance of education and peaceful coexistence as pillars for a prosperous Balochistan.

Throughout the seminar, students actively participated, posing questions and sharing their concerns about the province’s future. The speakers responded to these queries, emphasizing the need for collective efforts to address the issues. They urged the youth to focus on their studies and avoid the politics of hatred, stressing that a peaceful and stable Balochistan is crucial for their future.

The seminar concluded with a unanimous call for an end to violence and a renewed commitment to addressing the root causes of Balochistan’s challenges. The participants agreed that through unity, dialogue, and sustained efforts, Balochistan can achieve lasting peace and development.

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