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QUETTA: The Secretary of Irrigation for the Government of Balochistan, Hafiz Abdul Majid, has responded to allegations of financial irregularities in the 100 dams project that have been circulating on social media. Taking swift action, the Secretary has formed a two-member investigation team comprising senior officers from the department to probe into these claims. The committee has been mandated to submit its report within the next two weeks, according to an official handout.

This decisive move comes in the wake of unverified news reports that have been spreading on social media platforms, raising concerns about the integrity of the project and the department. The Secretary’s prompt response underscores the importance of transparency and accountability within governmental operations.

Verification Of News Before Publication Imperative

It is crucial to highlight the need for thorough verification before the publication of any news. The proliferation of unverified information on social media can lead to unwarranted damage to reputations and hinder the progress of significant public projects. The formation of the investigation committee reflects a commitment to ensuring that any allegations are meticulously examined and that the truth is established based on facts.


This paper has got hold of the audit report which contradicts the claim of any misappropriation claimed in the newspapers and social media, sources within the Irrigation Department said. The factual position will be determined once the fact finding committee submits their report, they mentioned.

Misinformation Can Easily Spread

In an era where misinformation can easily spread, it is the responsibility of both news outlets and social media users to prioritize accuracy and verification. The Balochistan Irrigation Department’s proactive approach in addressing these allegations serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible journalism and the need for diligence in reporting.

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