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QUETTA: Chief Minister Sarfaraz Bugti has brought attention to the critical issue of stalled appointments in the education sector through the Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University (SBK). Speaking in the Assembly, Bugti emphasized the importance of discussing the recruitment process for these positions.

“There were large-scale money transactions in the SB recruitments, and I want a thorough discussion on this matter in the Assembly,” stated Bugti. He stressed that there should be no compromise on the recruitment of teachers, given the significant impact on the education system.

12, 000 Schools Are Closed In Balochistan

Bugti highlighted the dire situation in Balochistan’s education sector, revealing that 12,000 schools are currently closed. “Some individuals are pushing for rapid teacher recruitment, but we must ensure transparency and fairness in the process,” he added. The Chief Minister assured that no jobs would be sold, maintaining the integrity of the recruitment process.

In addition to addressing education, Bugti also spoke about the healthcare sector, pointing out the inefficiencies and lack of facilities in government hospitals despite substantial financial investments. “Poor people rely on government hospitals for treatment, yet the current model is failing to deliver,” he said. Bugti called for a new model for hospitals, citing the Nawab Ghous Bakhsh Raisani Hospital as an exemplary model that could be emulated.

Reforms Imperative To Improve Health And Education Sectors: CM Bugti

“We have strengthened institutions by recruiting more people, but we need to ensure that these institutions are delivering on their promises,” Bugti asserted. He acknowledged that significant reforms are necessary to improve the healthcare system and other public institutions in Balochistan.

The Chief Minister’s statements underscore the need for transparency and efficiency in both the education and healthcare sectors, highlighting the government’s commitment to addressing these pressing issues.

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