Chief Minister Balochistan, Sarfaraz Bugti addressing a press conference along with his cabinet ministers: Photo Muhammad Ismail

Manan Mandokhail, News Desk: 

QUETTA: In a groundbreaking move, the Government of Balochistan has announced the conversion of 30,000 tube wells to solar power. This decision was unveiled by Chief Minister Sarfraz Bugti in a press conference held with his ministers, marking a significant shift towards sustainable energy solutions in the province.

Chief Minister Bugti, addressing the media, highlighted the recent successful negotiations with protesting zamindars who had been demonstrating outside the assembly for the past week. “It is good that no pot was broken in this protest,” he remarked, expressing relief that the discussions were peaceful.

Government Support and Funding

Chief Minister Bugti detailed the financial aspects of the initiative, stating that the federal government would contribute 40 billion rupees, while the provincial government would provide an additional 10 billion rupees. “In one month, all the growers will have tube wells on solar,” Bugti promised, emphasizing the swift implementation of this project.

He expressed gratitude towards Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif for his generous support, noting that the Prime Minister had accepted all demands presented by the landowners. “We are grateful to the Prime Minister. The long-standing problem of the landlords of Balochistan has been resolved,” Bugti stated.

Addressing Corruption and Employment Issues

Bugti did not shy away from addressing systemic issues within the province, pointing out corruption in the Quetta Electric Supply Company (QESCO). “There are some black sheep in QESCO who put their corruption in Balochistan,” he asserted, promising reforms and accountability.

The Chief Minister also touched on broader governance issues, expressing his vision for a more effective administration. “The day the governance of Balochistan is fixed, all the problems will be solved,” he proclaimed, while also defending the right to protest as fundamental but not preferable.

Commitment to Fair Employment Practices

In response to concerns over job allocations and fairness in employment practices, Bugti assured that any complaints, particularly regarding the SBK test, would be thoroughly investigated. “If there are any substantiated complaints, it will be cancelled. No one will sell jobs in Balochistan,” he affirmed.

Addressing Illicit Cultivation

Towards the end of his address, Chief Minister Bugti acknowledged issues of illicit poppy cultivation in Qila Abdullah, signaling a commitment to tackling such challenges head-on.

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