File Photo: Rescue workers outside the coal mine that claimed seven lives of miners in Balochistan's Harnai district: Photo provided by Hanif Tareen

Hussain Zarkoon:

DUKKI: In a daring attack, armed assailants opened fire at the Sardar Mir Usman Tareen Coal Mines in the Dukki district of Balochistan. The assault left at least three individuals injured, including two security personnel and a coal miner. The attackers managed to escape unscathed after carrying out the attack.

Eyewitnesses described a scene of chaos as the workers, seeking refuge from the heat, were suddenly confronted by three armed assailants. Without warning, the attackers launched a barrage of gunfire, catching the workers off guard as they slept beneath mosquito nets outside their living quarters.

The assailants, communicating in Pashto among themselves, unleashed a hail of bullets, creating panic among the workers. “We heard cries of the injured miners,” recounted Faiz Muhammad, a coal miner who witnessed the attack.

The ferocity of the assault was evident in the injuries sustained by the victims, with one laborer enduring three gunshot wounds to the back and another receiving two bullets.

The targeted attack, which occurred at coal mine number 9, has deeply affected the community, extending beyond the immediate casualties. Two civil security personnel, identified as Abrar, son of Malik Nasrullah Qom Astrana, and Janu, son of Raz Muhammad, were among those wounded, further compounding the devastation.

Emergency response teams quickly mobilized to provide medical assistance to the injured before transporting them to Loralai for further treatment. As the victims struggle to recover, authorities have initiated a thorough investigation to apprehend the perpetrators and restore a sense of security to the shaken community.

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