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QUETTA: In a historic move aimed at fostering gender inclusivity and empowering women in leadership roles, the government of Balochistan, under Chief Minister Sarfaraz Bugti, has announced the appointment of women to key administrative positions across the province.

This marks a significant departure from tradition, as it is the first time in Balochistan’s history that a woman has been entrusted with such a pivotal role.

5 Women Appointed As Deputy Commissioners In Balochistan

Furthermore, in a groundbreaking move, Chief Minister Bugti has thrilled to announce the appointment of women as Deputy Commissioners in various districts of Balochistan. Humera Baloch has assumed the esteemed position of Deputy Commissioner of Lasbela, while Batool Asadi now leads as Deputy Commissioner of Naseerabad. Rohana Gull Kakar, Ayesha Zehri, and Fareeda Tareen have also been appointed as Deputy Commissioners of Hub, Awaran, and Suhbat Pur respectively.

This landmark decision by the Balochistan government signifies a paradigm shift in the traditionally male-dominated spheres of governance. Chief Minister Bugti, in his statement, emphasized the importance of inclusivity and diversity in leadership, stating, “In earlier periods, women in Balochistan were confined to roles within the provincial capital. But today, we stand witness to a new era, where they are entrusted with leadership roles at the district level.”

A Significant Step Towards Gender Equality

The announcement has been met with widespread acclaim and appreciation on social media platforms, with users lauding the government’s progressive stance and recognizing it as a significant step towards gender equality and women’s empowerment in Balochistan. The move is particularly poignant in a conservative society where women have often been marginalized and relegated to traditional roles.

The appointments of Maria Shamoon and her counterparts serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration for women across Balochistan, signaling a bright future where talent and merit are recognized irrespective of gender. As they assume their roles with determination and grace, they embody the spirit of empowerment and pave the way for a more inclusive and equitable society.

With this bold initiative, Chief Minister Bugti and the government of Balochistan have set a precedent for progressive governance, reaffirming their commitment to building a better, more inclusive future for all residents of the province.

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