Chief Minister Balochistan, Mir Sarfaraz Bugti talking to reporters: Daily Quetta Voice

Manan Mandokhail: 

QUETTA: Balochistan’s Chief Minister, Mir Sarfaraz Bugti, pledged that security forces at check posts would spare no effort in thwarting human trafficking and terrorism. The CM conveyed these sentiments during discussions with protesting transporters on Saturday.

He convened a meeting with a delegation representing transporters to attend to their valid concerns. Against the backdrop of ongoing anti-trafficking operations and heightened security measures, the Chief Minister assured the transporters that their issues would be effectively addressed.

Emphasizing the significance of upholding law and order, Chief Minister Bugti stressed the continuation of anti-trafficking operations to combat illegal activities. He reiterated that while protests are constitutionally permissible, the blockade of highways is considered illegal, and strict actions will be taken if such disruptions persist, causing inconvenience to the public.

Chief Minister Bugti underscored the importance of joint check posts in maintaining security along transit routes. He reaffirmed that these check posts would remain operational, with clear instructions provided to the relevant authorities to minimize delays for passenger buses.

In a move to bolster passenger safety, the Chief Minister directed the deployment of one security officer per passenger vehicle. This decision aims to strengthen security measures and ensure the safety of commuters traveling across the region.

Wrapping up the meeting, Chief Minister Bugti assured the transporters of the government’s commitment to redressing their grievances while upholding law and order. With a steadfast focus on ensuring the safety and security of all citizens, the government remains dedicated to maintaining peace and stability in Balochistan.

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