Wheat shortage in Balochistan


QUETTA: Chief Minister Mir Sarfraz Bugti spearheaded a pivotal session of the Food Department, aimed at fortifying food security and bolstering local farmers. The gathering undertook a thorough examination of the wheat procurement policy and plan for 2024.

The consensus emerged to initiate the wheat procurement process from the forthcoming Monday across Balochistan. Chief Minister Bugti stressed procuring 500,000 tons of wheat directly from farmers this year, amplifying agricultural endeavors in the region.

To expedite procurement, the cabinet greenlit an allocation of five billion rupees. Chief Minister Bugti instructed the Finance Department to disburse two and a half billion rupees on Monday, with the remainder slated for later in the month. Furthermore, an immediate allocation of 13.9 million rupees was approved for acquiring essential bags for the procurement process.

In his address, Chief Minister Bugti reaffirmed his dedication to farmer relief and ensuring transparency in the Food Department’s operations. He vowed to root out corruption and revive trust, acknowledging past scandals that marred the department’s integrity.

Secretary Food Balochistan, Asghar Harifal, briefed the session on the finalized steps for wheat procurement, signaling a proactive stance toward plan execution. Provincial Food Minister Noor Muhammad Damar and Mir Tariq Magsi contributed significantly, underscoring the government’s united front in this endeavor.

The gathering also witnessed the presence of Chief Secretary Balochistan Shakeel Qadir Khan, Principal Secretary Imran Zarkoon, Special Secretary Isfandiar Baloch, and other pertinent officials, reflecting a collaborative spirit toward effectively implementing the wheat procurement plan.

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