Injured being brought to the Dukki district headquarters hospital

Hussain Zarkoon:

Dukki, Balochistan – Thursday proved to be a day of terror and tragedy for the residents of Dukki district in Balochistan as two landmine explosions rocked the Tekhdar Nadi area, claiming the life of at least one individual and leaving 17 others injured. The blasts, which reverberated throughout the town, sent shockwaves of panic among the populace.

According to sources from the Levies force, the first explosion occurred when a truck laden with coal triggered the buried explosive device. The devastating blast not only resulted in casualties but also drew a crowd of concerned onlookers to the scene, where the injured were promptly rushed to the district headquarters hospital in Dukki for urgent medical attention. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, authorities declared a state of emergency at the hospital to ensure that the wounded received timely and adequate treatment.

Tragically, before the dust could settle from the initial explosion, a second blast erupted, compounding the human toll. Senior officials from the administration and Levies forces swiftly mobilized to the site to oversee rescue and relief efforts in the aftermath of the blasts.

In response to the heinous acts, Balochistan’s Home Minister, Mir Ziaullah Langove, vehemently condemned the attacks, vowing to apprehend those responsible. Mr. Langove reassured the public that the perpetrators would face justice, emphasizing the government’s unwavering commitment to maintaining peace and security in the region.

Dukki, known for its abundant coal reservoirs, has long been a hub of economic activity, with thousands of coal miners toiling in its mines. However, the recent spate of violence serves as a stark reminder of the persistent threats faced by the residents and underscores the urgent need for enhanced security measures to safeguard against such tragedies in the future.

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