Chief Minister Balochistan, Mir Sarfaraz Bugti talking to reporters: Daily Quetta Voice

From Our Correspondent:

TURBAT: Chief Minister Balochistan, Mir Sarfaraz Bugti emphasized that Balochistan’s rights have historically been secured through parliamentary means, rather than through the use of force.

“From the province’s status to constitutional amendments, Parliament has been instrumental in granting rights to Balochistan,” stated Chief Minister Bugti, highlighting the importance of democratic processes in addressing grievances.

Bugti reiterated his confidence in Parliament’s ability to resolve contemporary issues, emphasizing the importance of negotiations in finding solutions. “If there’s a possibility of resolving a problem through dialogue, then we must embrace negotiations,” he asserted.

Addressing concerns about the lack of negotiation partners, Chief Minister Bugti pondered the next steps if parties are unwilling to engage in dialogue. However, he stressed that resorting to force is not the solution, as the constitution provides legal avenues for addressing such situations.

“The state will take decisive action against anyone disrupting peace and targeting innocent civilians,” warned Chief Minister Bugti, underscoring the government’s commitment to maintaining law and order.

Bugti called for a comprehensive approach to addressing Balochistan’s challenges, including the discussion of outstanding issues like missing persons in Parliament. He emphasized the importance of political responsibility in finding solutions and proposed the formation of a think tank to develop an action plan.

Dismissing claims of any military operations, Chief Minister Bugti affirmed that targeted measures would be taken against terrorists where necessary to ensure the safety of citizens.

Furthermore, he emphasized the need to distinguish between genuine Baloch values and those who commit acts of violence, stating, “Those who target innocent Punjabis cannot represent Baloch values.”

Concluding the conversation, Chief Minister Bugti reiterated that Balochistan’s rights have always been granted through parliamentary processes and emphasized the futility of achieving freedom through violence.

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