Balochistan University teachers stage a protest demonstration

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QUETTA: In Quetta, Balochistan University is once again in turmoil as teachers pour onto the streets, their outcry echoing against the backdrop of unpaid salaries. Professor Kaleemullah Bareech and Nazeer Lehri, leading the charge, marched from the university to the bustling main hockey chowk, demanding justice and immediate payment of wages.

Their grievances are clear: the government’s failure to address their plight. With placards held high, they voiced their frustrations, condemning the lackluster education policies of the provincial government.

This demonstration marks yet another chapter in their ongoing struggle, following a noisy protest just a month prior outside the Balochistan Assembly. Despite past disappointments, the teachers’ voices ring out, determined and undeterred.

As roads remained blocked, citizens felt the ripple effects of the standoff. Muhammad Tanveer, a primary school teacher, expressed his frustration at the disruption to daily life in Quetta, where road blockades had become all too common.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Mir Sarfaraz Bugti faced mounting pressure as his administration’s commitment to education came under scrutiny. While promises were made to promote education, the reality on the ground spoke otherwise.

The teachers’ unwavering resolve serves as a stark reminder of the persistent challenges facing Balochistan’s education sector. Until their demands are met, their protests will echo through the province, demanding not just salaries, but a genuine commitment to the future of education.

Later, senior administration officials engaged in negotiations with the protesters, leading to the reopening of the roads for traffic, albeit temporarily calming the unrest.

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