File Photo: Buddy bear installed at the now Berlin Quetta Friendship Square

Syed Ali Shah:

QUETTA: In a concerning turn of events, the symbol of peace in Quetta, the beloved “Buddy Bear” friendship bear, has fallen victim to theft, raising questions about the government’s commitment to preserving this iconic emblem of harmony.

Installed last year at the GPO Square by Germany and the Quetta Metropolitan, the Buddy Bear quickly became a cherished landmark, symbolizing the enduring bond between Pakistan and Germany. The area was later renamed “Pak German Friendship Square” in honor of this significant gesture.

Buddy Bear A Beacon Of Hope

The solitary Buddy Bear in Pakistan, nestled in the heart of Quetta, served as a beacon of hope, sending a poignant message of peace and solidarity from Balochistan to the world. However, the tranquility it represented has been marred by acts of theft and vandalism due to apparent government neglect.

Despite its prominent location in Quetta’s red zone, surrounded by key government institutions and monitored by CCTV cameras, the Buddy Bear has been subjected to a series of thefts, including the disappearance of its accessories and protective grills. Even the forest planted to safeguard it has been pilfered.

Theft Sparks Outrage

The deterioration of the Buddy Bear’s surroundings and the threat of its potential theft have sparked outrage among citizens, who are demanding immediate action from the Balochistan government. The incompetence of the authorities in ensuring the safety of such a significant symbol has been called into question, prompting calls for intervention from Chief Minister Balochistan and Commissioner Quetta.

As concerns mount over the fate of the Buddy Bear, it serves as a stark reminder of the collective responsibility to protect symbols of peace and unity in our communities. Failure to safeguard such icons not only undermines their symbolic value but also reflects poorly on the commitment of authorities to uphold the principles they represent.

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