Chashma Achozai bridge Quetta was washed away by floods: Photo Ismail Khan

Staff Reporter:

QUETTA: In Balochistan, recent rains have brought a devastating toll, claiming seven lives in various incidents. Five individuals succumbed to lightning strikes, while two perished in a house collapse. The affected areas, including Sorab, Killa Saifullah, and Killa Abdullah, bear witness to the tragic consequences of nature’s fury.

Responding swiftly, the Balochistan government, through spokesperson Shahid Rind, declared a state of urban flood emergency. This decision, made in consultation with Chief Minister Mir Sarfaraz Bugti, underscores the gravity of the situation.

Schools Shuttered Their Doors For Safety

As floodwaters inundate Quetta and other regions, schools have shuttered their doors for safety. Gwadar and Pasni are particularly hard-hit, with classrooms submerged and inaccessible.

However, amidst the crisis, the absence of senior officials in Quetta has drawn criticism. Chief Minister Bugti expressed disappointment, prompting action from the Principal Secretary.

Infrastructure Bearing The Brunt

The havoc wrought by flash floods extends beyond loss of life, with infrastructure bearing the brunt. Mud-walled houses, bridges, and roads have fallen victim to the deluge, disrupting normalcy.

To mitigate further damage, the government has enacted measures, including canceling leave for officials and mandating their presence. Balochistan stands united in confronting this natural calamity, striving to rebuild and recover from the devastation.

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