A coal miner holds his colleague affected by methane gas in Balochistan's Dukki district


HARNAI: Another heart-wrenching incident shook the local community as Yaqoob, a dedicated miner, tragically lost his life in an accident at the Shahrigh coal mine. The incident, highlighting the perilous nature of mining work, left the community reeling in sorrow.

According to sources, fellow workers bravely rallied together to extract Yaqoob’s body from the hazardous depths of the mine, demonstrating remarkable solidarity in the face of adversity. The solemn procession that followed saw Yaqoob’s remains respectfully transported to Cross Hospital, where efforts were made to provide solace to his grieving family and friends.

This unfortunate event marks yet another chapter in the series of mining accidents that have plagued the region. With a total of 17 miners having lost their lives in similar incidents last month alone, there’s a pressing need for heightened safety measures and stringent regulations to safeguard the lives of those toiling underground.

As the community mourns the loss of yet another brave soul, calls for comprehensive safety reforms in the mining sector echo louder than ever before, underscoring the urgency of prioritizing the well-being of miners who risk their lives daily to fuel the nation’s energy needs.

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