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In a recent meeting with teachers at Government Sandeman Higher Secondary School, Quetta, Dr Naseer Ali Shah, emphasized the pivotal role of educators in delivering quality education to students. “Without education, the nation, the country, and the society cannot set a fast pace of development,” stated Dr Shah, highlighting the indispensable nature of education in societal progress.

During the meeting, discussions centred on various aspects of the upcoming academic session, including admissions and educational strategies. Dr Shah reiterated the commitment to delivering high-quality education and urged teachers to impart knowledge with dedication.

Expressing his gratitude towards the teachers for their hard work and cooperation, Dr. Shah emphasized the importance of maintaining traditional dedication and hard work in education. “Thanks to the relentless efforts of the school administration and teachers, Sandeman School has achieved recognition as one of the premier educational institutions in Raso Bay,” Dr Shah remarked, acknowledging the collective efforts of the school community.

Dr. Shah further underscored the significance of discipline within the school while fostering a collaborative environment for growth and development. Looking ahead, Dr. Shah expressed his commitment to continually enhancing the quality of education at Sandeman School, ensuring students receive the best learning experience.

In closing, Dr. Shah thanked the teachers for participating in the meeting, expressing full confidence in their dedication and hard work.

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