File Photo: Floods have damaged Quetta-Karachi highway, which has caused the suspension of traffic: Photo grabbed from a video on social media

Behram Baloch:

GWADAR: Devastating flash floods triggered by heavy rainfall have inflicted widespread destruction in Gwadar, leaving thousands homeless and in dire need of assistance. In response to the crisis, Maulana Hidayat ur Rehman, a newly elected member of the Balochistan Assembly, has reached Gwadar to assess and coordinate relief and rescue operations.

Schools Closed

The torrential downpours not only inundated residential areas but also disrupted essential services, exacerbating the plight of the affected populace. With the situation growing increasingly dire, urgent measures are being taken to provide shelter, food, and medical aid to those affected by the calamity.

Impacts Of Floods Reverberated Beyond Gwadar

The impact of the floods has reverberated beyond Gwadar, with heavy rainfall also battering Quetta and other parts of Balochistan. In light of the adverse weather conditions, the Balochistan education department has taken the proactive step of ordering the closure of all private and government-run schools across the province, prioritizing the safety of students and staff.

Jan Achakzai, the Caretaker Information Minister of Balochistan, declared Gwadar a disaster zone, acknowledging the severity of the situation. Relentless rain and hail continue to lash Gwadar and its environs, compounding the challenges faced by rescue teams and exacerbating the plight of the affected population.

Gwadar Declared A Disaster Zone

Furthermore, the rains in Nagor have led to the breach of protective dams, exacerbating the already precarious situation. Responding to the gravity of the crisis, the caretaker chief minister of Balochistan has expedited the process of declaring Gwadar as a disaster area, facilitating the mobilization of additional resources and support for the affected communities.

Amidst the devastation, efforts are underway to provide relief and assistance to those grappling with the aftermath of the floods. The solidarity and swift action demonstrated by Maulana Hidayat ur Rehman and other stakeholders underscore the resilience and compassion of the Pakistani people in times of adversity.

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