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QUETTA: As expected, Captain (R) Khaliq Achakzai from the Pakistan Muslim League (N) and Ghazala Gola of the Pakistan Peoples Party ({PPP) have assumed the roles of speaker and deputy speaker respectively in the Balochistan Assembly. Their election marks a pivotal moment as both were chosen unopposed, symbolizing a unified mandate for progress and cooperation within the assembly.

Captain (R) Khaliq Achakzai, representing the Pakistan Muslim League (N), and Ghazala Gola, from the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), have pledged to uphold the sanctity of the house and ensure equal opportunities for all members, irrespective of party affiliations. Their promises come at a crucial time when the province seeks stability and effective governance.

PPP And PML N Decide To Form Coalition Government

The formation of a coalition government between the PPP and PML N signifies a commitment to collaborative governance. Under this arrangement, the PPP has secured the position of Chief Minister Balochistan, while the speakership has been entrusted to the PML N. This strategic alliance aims to address the diverse needs of Balochistan and promote democratic values across the region.

In his inaugural address, Captain (R) Khaliq Achakzai emphasized the importance of maintaining the integrity of the assembly and providing a platform for constructive debate. “I must safeguard the dignity of this esteemed house,” he affirmed, setting a tone of impartiality and inclusivity.

PPP To Foster Democracy: Ghazala Gola

Echoing her sentiments, Ghazala Gola reiterated the commitment of the PPP to foster democracy and ensure equitable representation for all members. She expressed confidence in the ability of the new leadership to navigate the challenges facing Balochistan with resilience and determination.

The election of Captain (R) Khaliq Achakzai and Ghazala Gola has been met with widespread support from members across the political spectrum. Sardar Abdul Rehman Khetran, Mir Ziaullah Langove, Mir Younas Aziz Zehri, Mir Sadiq Umrani, and others have extended their congratulations and pledged their cooperation, underscoring a spirit of unity and collaboration in the Balochistan Assembly.

As the new leadership assumes office, hopes are high for a brighter future for Balochistan, characterized by transparency, inclusivity, and progress for all its citizens.

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