PPP and PML N leaders discussing government formation in Balochistan

Syed Ali Shah:

QUETTA: The Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and Pakistan Muslim League (N) discussed the distribution of portfolios and other important positions. The two expected coalition partners discussed the distribution of provincial ministries, slots of advisers and other positions about the formation of future coalition government in Balochistan.

To address the challenges facing Balochistan, a joint meeting was held on Thursday, bringing together key leaders from the Pakistan Muslim League-N Balochistan and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Balochistan, Sardar Sarbuland Jogezai of the PPP told Daily Quetta Voice.

Jam And Zehri Also Attended Meeting

The gathering saw the participation of prominent figures, including former Chief Ministers of Balochistan Nawab Sanaullah Zehri, Jam Kamal Khan, and Mir Sarfaraz Bugti, alongside provincial leaders such as Mir Chingiz Jamali and Sarbuland Khan Jogezai from PPP Balochistan, and Jafar Khan Mandukhel and Jamal Shah Kakar from Muslim League-N Balochistan.

Focused discussions were held on crucial matters concerning government formation and the equitable division of ministries within Balochistan, reflecting a shared commitment to effective governance.

The meeting also provided a platform for an in-depth analysis of the province’s current situation, with both parties reaffirming their dedication to collaborative solutions for the betterment of Balochistan.

Newly Elected Lawmakers Too Present

Noteworthy attendees included newly elected members of the Balochistan Assembly, adding fresh perspectives to the deliberations. Among them were Haji Ali Madd Jatak, Mir Obaid Gorgij, and Sardar Sarfaraz Domki.

The gathering further witnessed the active participation of individuals such as Bakht Muhammad Kakar, Asfandyar Kakar, Abdul Khaliq Achakzai, Toor Atmanakhil, Muhammad Khan Lehri, Maulvi Noorullah, and Sardar Abdul Rahman Khetran, highlighting the broad-based support for cooperative efforts in Balochistan.

Key figures from both parties, including Wali Muhammad Noorzai, Asim Kurd Gilo, and Sardar Faisal Jamali, underscored the importance of solidarity and strategic collaboration in addressing the province’s challenges.

The joint meeting serves as a promising step towards fostering unity and synergy among political stakeholders for the collective advancement and prosperity of Balochistan.

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