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From Our Correspondent:

HUB: In response to escalating tensions and violence, the government has enforced Section 144 in Hub, Balochistan, an important industrial city. This move comes in the aftermath of deadly clashes between rival political factions, exacerbating an already tense atmosphere following the results of the general election constituency PB-21.

The Home Department, Government of Balochistan has issued a notification, announcing the imposition of Section 144, which includes a ban on motorcycle dual riding, display of weapons, and political gatherings for one month. These measures are aimed at restoring peace and stability in the region amidst the ongoing turmoil.

DC HUB Had Requested Article 144

Amidst the chaos, the Deputy Commissioner of Hub has requested Article 144, highlighting the urgent need for intervention to prevent further violence and ensure the safety of the citizens. The decision to transfer the Home Department to Hub underscores the gravity of the situation and the government’s commitment to addressing the crisis effectively.

Tragically, the situation in Hub took a deadly turn yesterday, as two individuals lost their lives amid the clashes between rival political groups. The violence, characterized by heavy firing and confrontations, continued late into the night, further intensifying the unrest gripping the city.


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