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Pashtoon Khwa National Awami Party (PKNAP), Hazara Democratic Party (HDP), and Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI-F) staged a protest outside the Deputy Commissioner’s office in Quetta over the alleged election irregularities and delays in announcing results. The protest drew a sizable crowd of supporters and saw leaders and activists from the three political parties voicing their grievances against what they perceived as unfair electoral practices. Accusations of rigging have been rampant in the aftermath of recent elections, fueling frustration among various factions of the political spectrum.

“PKNAP, HDP, and JUI-F stand united today to demand accountability and transparency in the electoral process,” declared a spokesperson for the protesting parties. “We refuse to sit idly by while the democratic rights of our people are compromised.”

While some political parties participating in the demonstration denounced the alleged rigging, others emphasized the urgency of promptly announcing election results. The delay in declaring outcomes has triggered anxieties and suspicions, leading to heightened tensions within the political landscape. “Our demand is simple: uphold the principles of democracy and ensure that the will of the people is respected,” remarked a prominent leader of the HDP.

The protest in Quetta is a stark reminder of the challenges facing Pakistan’s electoral process and the imperative for transparency and accountability. With tensions simmering and voices of dissent growing louder, the authorities face mounting pressure to address the concerns raised by political parties and ensure the integrity of the democratic process.


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