File Photo: Scores of people gathered outside a coal mine where 2 miners were trapped in Dukki: Photo provided by the author

Hussain Zarkoon: 

DUKKI: In a grim turn of events, a coal miner identified as Mirza Khan, hailing from Afghanistan, lost his life due to a landslide in the Dukki area of Balochistan. The incident occurred in a coal mine, highlighting the persistent dangers faced by miners working in such hazardous conditions.

Mirza Khan, the victim, was the son of Nazaq. The local authorities and emergency services responded promptly, successfully extracting his body from the coal mine. Following necessary procedures, the remains were handed over to the grief-stricken family to perform the last rites.

Tragic Incident Sheds Light On Risks Faced By Miners

The tragic incident sheds light on the ongoing challenges and risks faced by miners in the region, emphasizing the need for enhanced safety measures and stringent regulations in the mining industry.

This unfortunate event also brings attention to the history of coal mine incidents in the Dukki district of Balochistan. Over the years, several incidents have underscored the perilous nature of coal mining activities in the region, raising concerns about the safety standards in place.

Authorities Urged To Reevaluate Safety Protocols

In the face of such tragedies, local authorities are urged to reevaluate and reinforce safety protocols within the coal mining industry. It is essential to conduct thorough inspections of existing mines, implement modern technology to mitigate risks, and ensure that miners are adequately trained to handle emergencies.

The community, along with relevant stakeholders, mourns the loss of Mirza Khan and calls for collective efforts to prevent such incidents in the future. The incident serves as a somber reminder of the importance of prioritizing the safety and well-being of those working in challenging environments, such as coal mines in Balochistan.

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