Balochistan Caretaker Information Minister, Jan Achakzai addressing a press conference : Photo Daily Quetta Voice

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QUETTA: Balochistan Caretaker Minister of Information, Jan Achakzai, claimed on Wednesday that 2200 missing persons were recovered in the province. During his daily media briefing, the caretaker minister asserted that a total of 2700 people were missing in Balochistan, and 2200 have been returned, providing no further details.

Jan Achakzai claimed that currently, 468 people were missing in Balochistan. “Some elements are exaggerating these statistics to serve their political interests ahead of the general elections,” the caretaker information minister stated.

This statement from the minister came after the Commission on Missing Persons presented its data before the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

“Under a pre-planned conspiracy, some elements in the country want to propagate against state institutions,” Jan Achakzai said. He mentioned that the provincial and federal governments were determined to ensure the recovery of missing persons.

Although, he asserted that militant organizations were using this tool to exert pressure on state institutions and defame them internationally. He informed that the number of missing persons in India was 3,50,000, half a million in the US, and one lakh in the United Kingdom.

He criticized Mahrang Baloch and asserted that she was trying to go abroad and become another Malala Yousafzai.

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