File photo of Nawab Muhammad Khan Shahwani: Photo taen from his FB account

Munir Shahwani:

MASTUNG: In a significant political development, Nawab Muhammad Khan Shahwani, the prominent leader of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), has officially tendered his resignation from the party. The announcement was made in the presence of thousands of voters, supporters, tribal elders, and dignitaries who had gathered to witness this pivotal moment.

During the resignation announcement, Nawab Muhammad Khan Shahwani expressed his decision to contest the upcoming election as an independent candidate from PB Mastung. This move signifies a shift in his political allegiance and underscores his determination to represent the constituency on an independent platform.

Shahwani To Run As An Independent Candidate

Shahwani, a former provincial minister, highlighted his reasons for leaving the PPP, emphasizing the need for a fresh and independent approach to address the issues facing the province. His decision to run independently reflects a commitment to prioritize the interests and concerns of the constituents in PB Mastung, showcasing a departure from party politics in pursuit of a more localized and community-centric representation.

Resignation Event Was Marked By The Presence Of Tribal Elders

The resignation event was marked by the presence of tribal elders and other dignitaries, signifying the significance of Shahwani’s decision within the local political landscape. As the Chief of Barracks and a well-respected figure, his move is expected to influence the political dynamics in PB Mastung and potentially reshape the upcoming electoral competition.


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